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"I create from a place of honesty, and it's lovely to genuinely resonate with people.

I'm not interested in changing my music or myself to appeal to anyone. I'm happy in my lane."

The Bronx, NYC native Arletis moved to Berlin in September 2017 after completing a graduate degree in contemporary performance and production at Berklee College of Music's Spain campus. By December 2017, she began writing and recording Come Over,  her debut project.


She dropped four experimental singles on SoundCloud in the meantime. Her debut release, Toxic, made the First on SoundCloud playlist, bringing her play-count to over 40k. The second single, Blue Jeans, made the Fresh Pressed playlist sparking the interest of labels in Los Angeles and Berlin. All tracks were recorded in her bedroom.

The release of Come Over in March 2019 was a personal success, opening doors for the Dominican American soul artist. One track "With You" was featured on Spotify's Butter Playlist and got the attention of German-based labels and producers.

Arletis remains independent, focused on creating music from a place of authenticity and genuine inspiration (mostly love songs because classic R&B is a huge part of her musical vernacular as you'll hear when you listen to her records ). She's currently working on dropping singles and mini-projects ahead of the release of her second full-length project "On Time".

Arletis is a singer, a songwriter, and she also plays the guitar. Her sound has been compared to Aaliyah, Faith Evans, and Mariah Carey. Her influences include Amel Larrieux, D'Angelo, Lauren Hill, Tracy Chapman, Whitney Houston, and Donny Hathaway.

Photograph by Gianna Shamone (@gianna_shamone)